Gutter cleaning

Gutters and downspouts are one of the most overlooked areas on the exterior of your house that need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Letting your gutters go unmaintained can be the cause of many serious issues. The biggest issues that can happen are foundation damage, wood rot, and damage to the gutters themselves. Regular cleaning is important because gutters and downspouts need to remain free flowing to prevent back ups, which can damage and ruin nearby wood trim. A continuous over-flowing gutter can erode earth next to and under the foundation of your home causing uneven settling and eventually cracking of the foundation itself.
Full or over-flowing gutters can also cause problems to the gutters themselves. When the gutters fill up with leaves, debris and dirt they will soon becomes a mucky mess growing an array of bacteria, fungus, mold and anything else you can probably imagine.
This mucky mess can also cause a more serious problem. As it builds up in your gutters, it causes your gutters to increase in weight that they are not designed to hold. That weight will begin to sag your gutters and water concentration will begin to increase in those areas due to improper slope of the gutter eventually leading to detachment of the gutters themselves from your house.